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A New Beginning

In A New Beginning, A young man who left everything behind, as a teen, now has started to reassemble all the people that he loves.​


Release Date2021-01-05
Size140MB, 245MB
OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android
GenreMale Protagonist, Harem, Incest, Lesbian, Visual Novel, Ren’py

A New Beginning CHANGELOG

A New Beginning Chapters 1-7:

  • Consolidated the entire story so far into a single release.
    -Split Chapters 1 into a Prelude and Chapters 1-3. The old Chapter 2 is now numbered as Chapters 4-6. No changes to the story itself were made.
  • Added a seventh chapter to the story, with over 150 new renders.
  • Added a chapter menu at the start of the story, which will allow people to skip ahead in the story to the chapter of their choice.
  • Readers can now choose a different name for the protagonist after starting the story, which occurs before the added option to jump to later chapters.
  • Minor changes under the hood to improve performance on low end hardware

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