Behind The Walls APK vS01E03 Android Port Adult Game Download

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Behind The Walls APK vS01E02 Android Port Adult Game Download

Have you ever wandered through a town and thought to yourself, what kind of history do each one of these buildings hide? They witnessed ups and downs, births and deaths, marriages and divorces, adultery and values. If only these walls could talk, we’d discover so many unbelievable stories. Although after all, we are all taking part in those mysterious adventures…​


Release Date 2019-10-03
Size 264MB
Developer LStudio
Censorship No
Version S01E03
OS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language English
Let me write a few words straight from my heart. I believe that the relationship between the developer and the player should be built on honesty. As I mentioned in this post, I came back from Europe in the middle of February and being aware that the first version of the game was released more than two months earlier, I decided to divide the upcoming episode into two parts so that you don’t have to continue to wait. 
As you probably guessed after a two-month absence, I had a lot of private stuff that I had to deal with first. However, considering that I had only 3 weeks to prepare this update with full pride, I can say that I managed to do a lot. You must know that I started this project alone, so I am responsible for everything from story, through rendering, post-production, ending with coding. This update is the beginning of big changes. I brought life into a new GUI, starting with a new main menu, which is a preview of the game-play I want to offer you. Treat them as a sketch for now, more than the final product. 
There is still a lot to do in this matter, but with each next update the GUI will be constantly adjusted to my requirements until the achieved effect will satisfy me. However, the story in this episode is short because I decided to divide it. It ends just before the climax. For the event roller-coaster, you’ll have to wait for second part of this episode. I hope you like it. Thank you very much for your patience.
The new update includes: 
  1. Over 80 new renders 
  2. 3 new sounds 
  3. New GUI [still under development] 
  4.  PS I’d like to invite you to take part in this public poll about customizing MC’s name.
2019-10-03 – S01E02 
Over 1,100 new renders divided into three modes NEW FEATURE: MODE [Cinema, Original, Comic] To provide you with the best possible experience, I created three separate modes. Each mode displays the renders with a different pair of filters. Giving you the possibility to choose which setup is the most eye-catching for you! 
As you chose, now you’ll be able to name the MC however you want 
Redone few renders from EP01

Watch The Gameplay This Game

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