Dating My Daughter 2 APK v0.21.5 Android Adult Game Download

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Dating My Daughter Android Adult Game Download

Dating My Daughter 2 APK v0.21.5 Android

A lot of things have happened this month, and I’m afraid I even have some unhealthy news for the sport. I’ll attempt to be as temporary as potential.
State once more and asked that I take away all incest-related words from the sport before the tip of the month. That means primarily removing all references of F and D being relatives within the script. They additionally asked on behalf of me to not link my game to websites that embody criminal congress content.

Since Chapter one is big and it might take Pine Tree State weeks to create all of these changes, I’ve determined that i’ll take away the chapter fully from the Patreon posts at the tip of the month. All of you’ve got downloaded the sport already, thus this isn’t extremely a drag for existing members.

I will work on a patch next month in order that new members will transfer it however till that, it’s best to require it out of here. The unhealthy news is that from currently on, words like d*ughter, f*ther, D*d, etc are removed fully from Chapter a pair of.

No visual scenes are modified or deleted. The story won’t modification either. simply the family-related words are removed.

I hope that with these changes, I’ll be able to keep out of Patreon’s measuring instrument for a moment. Since there won’t be any mention of criminal congress or relations within the game, i believe they’re going to comply with leave my page alone for the nonce. I’ve already sent them the small print of those changes however they haven’t replied Pine Tree State back nonetheless. Let’s hope they are doing it next week.

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