Deviant Desires APK v0.5 Android Adult Game Download

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Deviant Desires APK Android Adult Game Download

Deviant Desires APK

Deviant Desires APK Android Port – This is a rework of game “Family Matters​”.


Release Date 2019-07-09
Size 230MB
Developer PingPanda
Censorship No
Version 0.5
OS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language English

 Skip Time – You’re now able to skip time ( although most bugs calling for this have now been fixed. )

Hint System – 

  • It’ll give you hints as to what you need to do, but please keep in mind it’s just a hint system, not a full on walk through. 
  • Added Amy to her bed ( During the afternoon ). 
  • Added Amy into the Dinner scene. 
  • Added a new location [ gym ] – Events for this will be added in v0.3 Removal of all the “Haha’s” that people seemed to hate Fixed transition from weekend trip with Sarah. 
  • Added new location [ The Bunny Lounge ] – More events for this will be added in v0.3


  • First ark of Mercy route is now completed; 
  • New h-scenes has been added; 
  • Secret h-scene has been added; 
  • A lot of new dialogues, because of course you’re playing this game because of the great story; 
  • New image has been added to Sombra Market; 
  • Stat system menu has been added to the phone menu; 
  • Bugs has been fixed; 
  • New bugs has been added for our programmer to fix later; 
  • And so on!

 Watch Gameplay Of This Game

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