Earth Girls Are APK v0.07 Android Port Adult Game Download

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Earth Girls Are APK Android Port Adult Game Download
Earth Girls Are APK Android Port Adult Game Download

Earth Girls is a satire of various genres such as: harem, stat builder, and dating sims. You play as a student trying to answer one of life’s elusive questions. What should I do with the rest of my life? NASA has been broadcasting into space looking for other signs of life for ages. Today, the aliens reply. They’ve also decided to use Earth as a battleground to settle an ages old dispute. The player is chosen to be Earth’s champion and convert as many females(harem or otherwise) to his side. Whoever has the highest score of female conversions wins and gets control of Earth. Do you create an army as the military suggests? Or try and save as many as you can from alien capture. Perhaps finding love along the way.​


Release Date 2019-11-20
Size 60MB
Developer Lydcreations
Censorship No
Version 0.07
OS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language English


  • Expanded the intro tutorial to clarify various game elements. 
  • Revised Julia’s wakeup scene. 
  • Recreated various renders of Abby to address skin textures. 
  • Revised the Britney locker scene. 
  • Revised English Literature scene. 
  • Extended Calc fantasy scene with text & renders. 
  • 2 animations for the Calc fantasy scene. 
  • Added quests to search for 2 missing items. 
  • Art studio scene. 
  • Locker hack scene. 
  • School office scene. 
  • Corrected the bug in the lunch date with Lincy. 
  • Coffee scene. 
  • Homework scene. 
  • Revised player bedroom scene. 
  • Revised Evermore scene with new text & renders. 

 Changelog V0.04

  • Aubrey 2 scenes.
  • Halia 1 scene.
  • Julia 5 scenes.
  • Abby 1 scene.
  • New Interface 1: Added icons to replace text for player stats. The icons stats are now part of a bar that can be displayed or hidden using the stat bar button. A description of each icon will appear when
  • you place your mouse over the icon. This was very time consuming to implement. But does represent
  • a large improvement in the appearance of the interface. I hope you’ll like the new look.
  • New Interface 2: Transparent text box. Revised the text box mod to increase the size of the text.
  • Moved the close button on the journal in response to player feedback.
  • Revised the intro again to address feedback.
  • Rewrote various Britney scenes to address feedback.
  • Revised various content throughout the game to address feedback.

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