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Goodnight Kiss 2 APK v0.6.1 Android Visual Novel Adult Game Download

GNK2 is a sandbox Visual Novel style Game for Android, PC and MAC. In this game you play the main character of this game. Where you play as Eli Jones and this is default name. You can’t change it. A middle aged man who has of different sexual temptations thrown open him by a mischievous young man. Can You control yourself or will be bang yourself. Your way through all women in this town? Will you misuse of your power and authority? Or will you be a great person.


Release Date 2019-12-31
Size 150MB
Developer Dirty Secret Studio
Censorship No
Version 0.9.1
OS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language English


  • Added Rose Character.
  • New Bug Fixes.
  • Spelling fixes.
  • Rebalancing.


  • Added Scene: Webcam 2.


  • Added Scene: Club Date.
  • Added Scene: Drive Home Late to home.
  • Extended Scene: Studying Grope.


  • Added Scene: School Bathroom.


  • Added Scene: Wrong Side of the Tracks.


  • Added Scene: Church Massage.
  • Added location: Molly’s House.
  • Added Scene: Shower.
  • Added Scene: Sleeping.


  • Added Scene: Shower. 


  • fixes Most of the bugs.
  • Adjusted event chance.
  • Can now call some events from girl hub scenes.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Added Minigame: Diner Cook.
  • Added Minigame: Barista.


  • Added scene: Museum Grope.


  • Added option to peek while she’s changing.
  • Added scene: Den Spying.


  • Added scene: Mall Gift
  • Added scene: Museum Visit


  • Added scene: Museum


  • Bug fixes
  • Menus added for museum area
  • Menus for minigames significantly rebalanced and cleaned up


  • Separated the Quest Log, so that you only see adult scenes either on the breakup path, or the spying path
  • New Scene: Living room
  • New Scene: Spy on Libby and Brett in the living room
  • Evette:
  • Added new scene: Mall Dressing Room Romp
  • Extended scene: Club Dancing


  • Extended Scene: Bedroom Mast
  • New Scene: Confessional Groped Victoria & Ms. Taylor.


  • Bug Fixes
  • Event rebalancing
  • Added a quick link to the status screen to go to a location a character is at, so long as you have the Find Friends App or Cheats
  • Cleaned up visual artifacts in the Evette mall scene

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