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Home Trainer- Domestic Corruption

In Home Trainer- Domestic Corruption, You play as David [or you can choose your make], the protagonist, is forced to crash with his aunt Ayleen after losing his parental home to a fiery “accident”. He has seen neither her nor the girl who lives at her house, Nina, in years, but the reunion is heart warming and things look quite bright despite the unfortunate reason for his stay.
Nina has grown up though, and David is about to find out that something has changed in his aunt’s house. How will things go from here?​


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Release Date2020-11-18
Size234MB, 300MB, 400MB
OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android
Genre3DCG, Male protagonist, BDSM, Corruption, Female domination, Humiliation, Male Domination, Spanking


Home Trainer Domestic Corruption 0.2.1
Added final part of the intro.
Revised the Ayleen handjob scene to adapt to changed MC anatomy.
New, slightly less childish portraits for Nina.
Other, minor stuff.
Changes from 0.2.0: some additional content/dialogue in the evening. And new outro/credit scene.

Home Trainer Domestic Corruption v0.2.0

Home Trainer Domestic Corruption 0.1.2
Added some content to day one, including sex scenes.
Some minor bugfixes

Home Trainer Domestic Corruption 0.1.1
Added option to change the protagonist’s name at the beginning of the game
Added some (inconsequential) choices.
Relationship changes

Home Trainer Domestic Corruption 0.1
Initial Release – Intro Part One


I have enjoyed playing erotic games for a long time now. A couple of weeks ago I started playing around with DAZ and found it to be quite amusing, so I took it a step further and started development on the type of game I would love to play myself, but can rarely find. I’m sure people can relate.
One thing to note is that while the intro might feel tame, I intend to ramp things up severely. If you don’t like your heroines to engage in anything but vanilla sex, don’t get too attached to my characters.

Planned fetishes: Lots of D/s, SM and corruption. Also rough sex, unstable characters, water sports, pet play and general nastiness. Some femdom (F/f and MF/f, mild F/m).
Not planned: NTR, gore, straight up rape.

This is only the initial intro. I have some free time at the moment and will post updates as quickly as possible.

I’m happy to receive feedback, but keep in mind that I’m really new to game development and my machine is rather poor. Just shit on bad render quality is not going to be helpful. I do appreciate comments regarding poor choice in wording or spelling, because I am not a native English speaker.
will have a Patreon for people who want to help improve my hardware and get some good assets. Or just motivate me.

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