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Overview of Intimate Relations apk 

Intimate Relations apk as soon as he was get old enough to call himself a young man in this world, Andrew proposed his love jane, his high school sweet heart girl, things going great and with support of his wife, he achieved up the corporate ladder in no time.
A very little years later, jane was pregnant by Andrew and 9 months later she give a girl child which Kelly. 
 After birth of Kelly, relation between Andrew is not good and their sex not good as well. She is getting bored to Andrew.
Now jane daily goes to gym for great workout in the gym. One day she find or see something exciting in the gym. Which leads her to be a bold lady.
ANDREW get lucky in his office with his secretary Jessica. Jessica recently started work thier. Jessica has only one son.
Kelly has only one deep friend Darlia in his town. But Darlia is very bold girl she continuesly trying to get lucky with different man.
Kelly is continuously trying to get admission in the world leading university which is in this city where she live. She don’t want to go far from his family and his city. Andrew help her to get place in the university because he was a corporate leader. 

With his power of money and approach, Kelly Got Admission in the university. Now she start spending very little amount of time at home. While playing this game you can find all the story about Andrew, Jane , Kelly and Darlia.  
swipe down to hide the ui 
swipe right to start skipping of text 
swipe left&right to toggle the quick_menu  

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