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Lukes Way

Lukes Way is a story about Luke who moved into a new city searching for a better job and a better life. He manages to find a job that will change his life in a company called L.P.. On his first day at work, he is invited to a welcoming party which turns out to be a massive orgy.
After only a few days, his boss admits that she liked Luke from the first time she saw him and they start a romantic relationship. She offers him a bigger role at her company and a free pass for fun with other girls.​


Release Date2020-11-29
Size344MB, 1GB, 1.8GB
DeveloperEvil User
OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android
Genre3DCG, Male protagonist, Incest, Interracial, MILF, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Harem, Lesbian, Mobile game, Big tits, Creampie, Group sex, Pregnancy, Virgin

Lukes Way v0.23.3
This update is the last update of v0.23. To summarize v0.23…

  • We met Michael (if you’re his friend – optional),
  • We met Monica,
  • We invited Beth to our house (optional) and maybe we had a little fun with her,
  • At the party we met all the girls,
  • Also we met Carlo again and his wife Lady Elena,
  • We might had some fun with Samantha, with Monica or Michelle… Or maybe only with Samantha,
  • Or maybe we just watched Samantha and Monica
  • Maybe we had some fun with Elena’s girls too,
  • And we will get one of the five endings for v0.23… I wonder which you’ll get.

Lukes Way v0.23.2
Luke’s Way v0.23.2 includes two different events with Samantha (if you are on her path). Both are triggered with Luke suggesting her to do something. The difference is by Luke making a choice in v0.23.1. The third, fourth and fifth variation of Samantha’s event is still work in progress, but they will be included in the next update.

Lukes Way v0.23.1
Here is the part 2 of Luke’s Way v0.23
Luke’s Way v0.23.1 includes fix for non-Rachel path, other bugs that I’ve found are also fixed and there is some content for you to enjoy.

Lukes Way v0.23

  • 345 images in total (Re-rendered old and new).
  • 7 animations.
  • Events with Raquel.
  • Event with Michael (If you are friend with him).
  • New character – Monica.
  • Event with Beth and Raquel (Optional).
  • Sex scene with Beth (First anal scene with her).
  • Start of Yacht party event.
  • New character – Elena Rios (Carlo’s wife)
  • First option to start boss routes.

Lukes Way v0.22

  • 427 images in total.
  • 10 animations.
  • Event with Sandra.
  • Event with Iris (Optional/If you are on her path).
  • Event with Bella (Optional/If you are on her path).
  • Event with Michelle and Morena (Optional/Avoidable).
  • Event with Krysten (If you are on her path, you’ll get longer event).
  • Event with Raquel.
  • Event with Rachel (Optional/If you are on her path).
  • Credits screen moved after the ending screen.

Lukes Way v0.21

  • 354 images in total.
  • 9 animations.
  • various daytime story events
  • new optional content with Gia (option to close Gia’s path).
  • new optional content with Rachel.

Lukes Way v0.20

  • 321 images in total.
  • 6 animations.
  • new optional content with Rachel.
  • new content with Michelle.
  • new optional content with Ella (with ability to break up with her).
  • new optional content with Rachel and Gia.

Lukes Way v0.19

  • 297 images in total.
  • 5 new animations.
  • New content with Michelle.
  • New content with Krysten.
  • New content with Raquel with option to play her path.
  • New content with Samantha (first sex scene with her, if you are in relationship with her).
  • New content with Michael (if he is your friend with option to share a girl with him).
  • New content with Rachel.
  • Christmas event with Michelle, Rachel, Krysten and Melissa (Melissa’s pregnancy path is now open).
  • 253 images in total
  • Alexandra’s path available.
  • Progress on Krysten path.
  • Progress on Rachel’s path.
  • New webcam character Divina.
  • New character Gia. She is available only on Rachel’s path (for now).
  • Progress on Michelle’s pregnancy path.

Lukes Way v0.17
375 images in total
4 new animations
One avoidable sex scene.
Progress on Angels Media, Samantha and Rachel.
New webcam character Divina (If you are not on Rachel’s route)
Progress on Michelle’s pregnancy path.

Lukes Way v0.15

  • 200 new images
  • One avoidable sex scene (rough and gentle option).
  • Progress on Iris and Rachel’s stories.

Lukes Way v0.14
TBD. Patreon says “focus on Iris’ story but a few surprise scenes for other girls.

Lukes Way v0.13

  • 190 new images
  • Events with Krysten, Rachel, Iris, Morena, Michelle and Kim.
  • One unavoidable sex scene, Two avoidable sex scenes.
  • Progress on Iris, Samantha, Krysten and Rachel’s stories.
  • New improved animation on one of the avoidable sex scenes.
  • Start of Michelle’s pregnancy path.
  • Relationship with Krysten.
  • Gifts.

Lukes Way v0.12

  • Continuation of Rachel’s relationship path
  • Introducing Samantha with 3 possible paths.
  • Introducing pregnancy paths.
  • Introducing Late Night Studio events.
  • 130+ new renders.
  • Free-Roam is completely removed from the game
  • Old saves doesn’t work.

Lukes Way v0.11

  • Changed back from free roam into VN style.
  • 2 different morning events with Beth (1st is Beth only path and 2nd is Beth/Rachel path).
  • 1 event with Krysten.
  • 1 new camshow with Iris.
  • 1 new evening event with Rachel (For those on Rachel’s path).
  • 2 night events with Beth (1st is Beth only path and 2nd is Rachel/Beth but it depends on a choice made in the beginning of v0.11).
  • 3 night events with Rachel (1st depends on choice made in the begininng of v0.11, 2nd and 3rd depends on a choice made on the end of Beth’s night events).

Lukes Way v0.10

  • Implemented map with 3 starting locations (2 of them are separated by rooms/floors).
  • From now on, if you need to talk with someone, you need to go to their place to do that. For example: If you need to talk to Carrie at work, you need to go at work find her and talk with her, same is with Melissa and Michelle.
  • 2 new main plot events.
  • Updated the hint system to help you guide you through v0.10 content.

Lukes Way v0.9

  • Finished Lorenzo’s event
  • 1 new event with Desiree
  • 1 new event with Michelle and Rachel
  • 1 new small event with Rachel (chance to open her path if you aren’t)
  • 2 new small events with Michelle
  • 1 new event with Jeanette
  • 1 recurring event with Jeanette
  • 1 new character: Raquel
  • Phone app with call and hint system

Lukes Way v0.08

  • 3 new events with Ella
  • 2 new characters: Gianni and Lorenzo

Lukes Way v0.07

  • 1 new event with Ella
  • 1 new Christmas event with Michelle
  • 2 new repeatable events with Michelle
  • 1 new character Michael
  • New GUI implemented
  • A lot of text correction (with help from new proofreader)

Lukes Way v0.06

  1. Rachel’s first day as part of L.P.
  2. Hints now can be disabled and old hints are reworked.
  3. Beth’s path is open now and it takes us to webcam shows.
  4. One new character: Iris
  5. About 150 new renders.
  6. Reduced size of all the renders
  7. One new repeatable sex scene


  • All text has been checked and fixed.
  • New lighting system but there is still room for improvement.
  • New characters: Carlo and Rachel.
  • Learning something new about Beth.
  • Michelle discovers something that she wasn’t aware of.
  • Continuation of Melissa’s path.
  • 1 new sex scene
  • 100+ renders
    IMPORTANT: This is PROBABLY the LAST FULL UPDATE, next updates would be just a PATCH to the last version so you wouldn’t need to re-download the whole game again.

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