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milfs plaza

Milf’s Plaza is a non-linear story about a young adventurer from a big city. The main character, full of ambition and thirsty for thrills, is ready to break bad, just to find his place under the sun.​


Release Date2020-12-04
Size400MB,380MB, 360MB
OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android
Genre2DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, MILF, Incest, Sandbox, Teasing, Voyeurism, Mobile game

Milfs Plaza v0.2d

This update is not at all advancing as much as expanding the boundaries of the game.

The first build was a demonstration of my abilities. And you highly appreciated them, for which you guys thank you very much. But since I did the relationship between the characters superficially, wanting to show you as much as possible (and still you weren’t enough!), Then in build 0.2 I spent all my strength trying to identify the reason for the flaring up passion. Therefore, BEFORE the episode with the erotic movie viewing, I added a few key scenes. I assure you you will like them. Although, of course, don’t expect sex here D:

And so what awaits you in this build 0.2d:

  1. City:
  • City map
  • A park
  • Shop (Inside and outside)
  • Entrance of the MC house
  1. Work:
  • Quest for getting a job.
  • Weed seller mini-game.
  1. New characters:
  • Christie
  • Mishwanda
  • Igor
  • Itchy and Bubnilo
  1. Plot:
  • Prologue (NOT ALL pictures yet)
  • Marina (new story events, but which do not promote, but clarify the relationship)

Also, on the little things:

  • Increased the number of characters’ emotions.
  • Added a notification to the player’s log (very many did not even know about its existence, lol!)
  • New sound design.

Milfs Plaza’s DEVELOPER NOTE:-

Hello, friends! I am the author of the Sweet F. Cake comic series and the game of the same title. The game was published here some time ago, but that game wasn’t a porn sim, it was a comedy ecchi. And now it’s time for real sex!
My friends have long urged me to do something in this genre, and I finally fell into the temptation. I’m glad to present you my game for review – Milf’s Plaza. Why such a name? Firstly, I love milfs, and secondly, it sounds cool: D
I made this demo in one month (31 days). I hope you enjoy the game very much. Those wishing to get a more “advanced” version, or a fresh version a month earlier, welcome to Patreon.
The game will get new content every 3-4 weeks.

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