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v1.0.2.6 public
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300MB, 1.GB, 1.5GB

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Paprika Trainer

In Paprika Trainer, this parody is based on Totally Spies.


Release Date2021-06-04
Size300MB, 1.GB, 1.5GB
Version1.0.2.6 Public
OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android
In Game ATM Codetentacle, books
Genre2DCG, Male protagonist, Parody, Trainer, Animated, Titfuck, Masturbation, Sex toys, Vaginal sex, Cosplay,


Paprika Trainer v1.0.2.6 Public
Foursome animation added
Story finished
New CGs
Nanobot injector perks added
Bug fixes

Paprika Trainer v1.0.2.1
More stable version.

What’s new?
Foursome animation added
Story finished
New CGs
Nanobot injector perks added
Bug fixes

New animation (alex) added.
3 girls mouth CG added
Tentacle CG added
Bookstore clerk CG
Invisibly bracelet gadget for missions implemented
Modeling overhaul finished
New outfits (Jester card rewards) added to mall.
Social trees finished for all 3 spies.
New stockings and gloves added for all 3 girls.
Good karma can now reward extra money / items.
Story continued
Last milkshake bar menu option added.
New underwear for Clover
Went back and added a lot of new facial expressions to older scenes
Reduce chance of false positive with antivirus
Silva job reports
Milkshake bar job reports
Some minor voice work added
Bugfixes (I mean… obviously. Can’t have a release with a ton of these bastards


  • Story continued
  • Modelling overhaul (beta)
  • Melody + Sam picture added
  • Clover buttstuff animation added (<- yes finally! Check it out!)
  • Vigor pills now have a use
  • All girl nicknames are now unlocked
  • A lot of bug fixes


  • Story continued
  • 3 new underwear added to the mall (1 for each spy)
  • Added 4 outfits for purchase at the mall. These are old Jester Card rewards.
  • Outfits glitches fixed (previously inaccessible outfits can now be gained)
  • New stripper CG added (Silva and Britney)
  • Jerry meets Player CG added
  • New outfits for Sam available at 2DYE4.
  • Reset button added in the 2DYE4 store.
  • New facial expressions added to old scenes
  • Added new background to all 5 mission areas (requires grappling hook)
  • Hookshot points added in missions
  • Relation on Status screen now reflects how close a friend you are to your spies
  • Placeholder art replaced
  • Art assets for modeling overhaul added (not yet implemented)
  • Bugfixes (like always)

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