Private Cases APK v0.1.04 Android Port Adult Game Download

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Private Cases APK Android Port Adult Game Download
Private Cases APK v0.1.02b Case#1 Android Port Adult Game Download

This first nouvel is the prequel to a more importante story, it take place in a contemporan world, you’ll follow the life of an ancient inspector who just went out from jail. His story begin when, one evening, a young woman knock at his door.
It’s up to you to choose what will be their relation, while you continue her formation to become an inspector. After a prologue, that shows you Hawk’s origin and the principals characters, each episode lead Hawk and his protege to a new case. Each case have multiple ending and your choices will influence the episode and/or the general story and the relation between Hawk and all other characters.​


Release Date 2019-07-30
Size 96MB
Developer c_n
Censorship No
Version 0.1.04
OS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language English
Prologue V0.02 
  • First release the two first day of the prologue (one day remaining for the prologue end) 
  • 276 renders 
  • 14 animations 
  • 7 sounds effects 
  • 4 songs
Prologue v0.03 
  • Till the renders for the last day of the prologue or still not ready… I didn’t want to wait for the new translation. It take few more days for the last renders. 
  • Change some renders that bug 
  • Add some renders tranlate in english 
  • Rework totaly the english (not me but I found help for it)
  • Add a second font, find it in the option (cause it can be difficult to read it with the one I choosed) 
  • Try to make it begin in english (not sure it’s work) Prologue v0.04 
  • Add the last day of the prologue 
  • Add preview of the next case 
Case#1 V0.01 
First day with Ellie and Hawk on their first case  
Add the end of the first day an the beginning of the next 
Add an option to see “hint” during the game to help you make your choice 
Change some renders to add translation or fix the translation in it 
Remove the splashscreen where I have to ask if your legal age and put it in the “tutorial” at the beginning of the prologue (maybe the game’s save error… sorry)
Fix some bugs, renders and translation missing. Thanks to Anus Mundi Change the way I write the version. No more 
Case#X v0.01 
Now it will be only v0.1.01. first number for it will be finished, second the curent 
and in the end the version of this case. I hope it will be clearer for everyone

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