Rocking Robin APK v0.6c Android Port Adult Game Download

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Rocking Robin APK Android Port Adult Game Download
Rocking Robin APK v0.4b Android

The story is a couple of once wealthy stripling whose family is suddenly poor and evicted from their home. The stripling should currently learn life on the streets and therefore the truth behind his families eviction. All whereas being homeless! maybe he will realize shelter for the night in his automotive however he keeps obtaining stopped by an attractive officer. perhaps he will sneak over his aunties house and sleep however be careful for that aunt. Better yet, she’s looking out for you.
Mom and Aunt?
Dustin is adopted by Julia and Katherine. once his wealthy biological father is told regarding his existence by his biological mother on her death bed, his father involves explore for him. once Dustin’s father will realize him, his father falls gaga with Dustin’s adoptive lesbian mothers. Dustin’s father marries one in every of them, Julia. despite the fact that Dustin acknowledges each of them as his mother, it absolutely was very confusing to others and would typically get him excited in class. to stop this, they united that he would decision Julia mommy and Katherine auntie.

Lana and Dustin met in one in every of several of Dustin’s foster homes. Lana’s entire family died during a ocean liner accident that she fortunately failed to attend. a category action lawsuit was filed by the members of the family of others that were lost and it absolutely was won. Lana, after all couldn’t bit the money till she was eighteen. Once she did receive the funds, she bought a house next to her succor, Dustin. They became terribly shut till Dustin met Robin. once Lana saw them hugging in some unspecified time {in the future} in class she poor down and started crying to herself in the corridor. Jason saw her and recommended that she meet his brother Johnnie.

Besides finding an area to measure and learning why you’re poor within the initial place, she is what the sport is all regarding. you would like to search out out the way to fuck her properly. to try and do therefore you’ll have to be compelled to learn techniques from each different character within the game, “CHARM”. whether or not it’s learning the way to speak (lie), Johnnie, or flexibility, Lana, or sexual perversion, Heather, or perversion, Holly, or massages, Julia, or fingering, Katherine… You get the concept.

Sister at Aunt’s?
 Your sister is concealed you into her area at your aunt’s house as a result of you’re not allowed there. What a lot of am i able to say?

To beat the Aunt’s minigame, You have to hide, in no particular order at the (big couch) and again (loveseat) and again (kitchen counter) then go to the pool and hide (lounge chair) select any option then select text mom. Go back to the living room and hide under the TV. Next, pick Heather’s room first then your cousins.


Release Date 2019-07-02
Size 219MB
Developer Robbery1211
Censorship No
Version 0.6c
OS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language English


  • Added a hint system just press the question mark on the map screen
  • Added morning calls with interesting photos
  • Added an additional Robin scene
  • Added several additional Lana scenes
  • Added hiding from aunt mini game
  • Added fighting Johnnie mini game
  • Added more content to Lana and Johnnie’s scene
  • Added first cousin scene
  • Added 10 unique photos of Heather for you to find
  • Finished Lana’s yoga path
  • Fixed the auto shop questions randomization
  • Added additional verbiage on how to waste time using the car
  • Added an additional character with a unique story-line and cast from Version 1 


  • Added the ability to skip to Chapter 1
  • Added the ability to skip the mini-games with no penalty. Several ways to do so.
  • Added a money cheat. Just click the Ranger Key in the inventory
  • Fixed Dustin’s name change issue.
  • Fixed the phone issue
  • Fixed a bunch of other glitches.

v0.4a – Dustin update only

  • Added the choice of whether you want to play as a sandbox or visual novel.
  • Added a scenes gallery, check the cellphone.
  • Added a bank ATM.
  • Added an apartment for Dustin.
  • Added another Robin scene
  • Added Candace (motel worker) scenes
  • Added a sister scene. Find all the photos.
  • Added 2 new characters
  • Added a lot of animations and photos. I didn’t keep count.
  • Added a new location, Park Place, not much to do there now.
  • Added an additional job, much easier.
  • Added advanced hints (supporters only) Old saves will not work and I honestly don’t want them to because so much has changed. 

v0.4b Dustin update only

  • Added scenes with Dustin playing with Holly while she is asleep.
  • Added Dustin performing oral sex on Holly Added short story with Holly
  • Fixed the looking for Johnny/auto shop bugs
  • Update the remaining auto shop questions (red answer – SO)

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