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In SEXPOOL, you play as Vicky – A patrol officer is trying to break up a local gang party. But something went wrong… There, she is undressed and made a sex slave all night. Vicky miraculously survives, but she has multiple injuries to her internal organs and has some fractures. In the hospital, she is invited to become a member of a secret government experiment that can return her to a full life.​


Release Date2020-12-01
Size342MB, 456MB, 897MB
OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android
Genre2DCG, Female protagonist, Rape, Mobile game

SEXPOOL v0.8.0

  • 5 scenes
  • 112 CG-art

SEXPOOL v0.7.5

  • 1 scene
  • 29 CG-art

SEXPOOL v0.7.0

  • 1 scenes
    -34 CG-art

SEXPOOL v0.6.6

  • 2 scenes
  • 19 CG-art

SEXPOOL v0.6.1
Chapter III:

  • 6 scenes
    -162 CG-art

SEXPOOL v0.5.0

  • 2 new scenes
  • 40 CG-art

SEXPOOL v0.4.5
2 scenes

  • 2 mini-games
  • 57 art

SEXPOOL v0.4.0
chapter II:

  • 5 scenes
  • 157 new CG-art

SEXPOOL v0.3.5

  • 2 new scenes
  • 51 new CG-art
  • UI upd

SEXPOOL v0.3.1

  • little bugs fixed
  • added easter egg
  • added options to pass the gangbang scene with bad guy

SEXPOOL v0.3.0

  • 2 new scenes
  • 51 new CG-art

SEXPOOL v0.2.0

  • 8 scenes
  • 171 CG-art

SEXPOOL v0.1.5

  • 2 new scenes
  • 15 new art

SEXPOOL v0.1.1

  • 3 new scenes
  • 75 new art

SEXPOOL v0.0.1
First release.

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