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Overview of Shadows Over Manston Retold  Adult APK

The reason or idea of making this game behind is that introduction of incident, You play the role of the main character. You had a accident and After 6 months, Then you return your home to your wife and step-daughter and they are assigned to cushty job while recovering.

You are a police officer, and you mission on a school where Hannah and other sexy chicks study.

You are doing your job while hidden your secrets. You are in the school resources officer, but as you are recovering from those accident. You not allowed active on duty, then you take a role for step in gym. Teacher for a group of Mature Girls who always fails on graduate of prior year. You have option to focus on your dreams, family, career or sex life in their. Different-different scenarios and scenes are available there depending on your different choices.


Release Date 2019-12-07
Size 125MB
Developer White Phantom Games
Censorship No
Version Part v0.2.1
OS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language English

Retold 0.1

  • If you’re a returning player in this game, the story has been reworked however there are no new images. 
  • This game can be played in two different ways. You can play the game with only the viewpoint of the Player Character choice enabled, you will see the game solely through their eyes and any story points or outside knowledge will need to be found in-game. 
  • The other option is to play with third party scenes enabled in this game. Similar to many popular TV shows, there will be several scenes or scenario happening elsewhere in the world you will be able to view. These will not give the PC any additional in-game knowledge 
  • However they will enable you to get a better feel of the overall storyline and what is happening in the bigger picture. 

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