Slice of Ventures Origins APK v0.75 Android Adult Game Download

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Slice of Ventures Origins APK Android Adult Game Download
Slice of Ventures Origins APK
Yuki and Ayame are two sisters who are visiting their uncle’s farm for the first time. Discovering a whole part of their family they had never met before, they will also discover that there’s more than meet the eye.

Through their constant curiosity, the sisters will witness things they shouldn’t. Between a strange DVD, succubi invocations and hidden relationships, it’s a whole new world that is going to unfold in front of their eyes. Always trying to dig deeper, the girls will cross the path of many people whose life revolve around.

How are those two weeks going to affect them and their vision of the world?

Developer: 2019-03-26
Developer/Publisher: Ark Thompson
Censorship: None
Version: v0.75 Slice of Venture: Origins v0.65
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English

Bug Correction: 

  • Corrected a bug that would make Hitoshi stuck (when he’s front of the barrier blocking the mine) if you talked to him from above. Now he’ll act naturally no matter where you stand when you talk to him. 
  • Corrected the fact that the top of Hitoshi’s head appeared under the bucket during the first scene between Mari and Hitoshi. 
  • Corrected the fact that Yuki and Ayame’s window wasn’t dark during Eri’s first chapter viewing. 
  • Corrected many problems during and after Ana�lle/Seiichi’s scene (lines too long, disappearing characters, BGM not starting…) 
  • Corrected the fact that the BGM didn’t restart during Eri/Horse’s scene’s second part. 
  • Corrected the fact the doors of the toilets in the park couldn’t open. 

Gameplay Update: 

  • Extanded Marakoma’s map by 5 square on the left side to make the park breathe a bit. Also extanded it by one square on the south so the entrance of the school isn’t too cramped. 
  • Slightly changed Eri’s dialogue at the end of Chapter 3 & 4 to match Gunpei’s conversation about the bonus DVDs’ origin. 

Gameplay Addition: 

  • 5 new maps have been added to the game. 
  • 5 new trophies have been added to the game. 
  • You can now rewatch Eri’s DVD starting March 27th. Simply click on the TV in the bedroom to do so. It will also be used to watch the bonus DVDs. 

Art Addition: 

  • 8 new scenes was added to the game. 
  • 48 new pics have been added to the game. 
  • 15 new pixel models have been added to the game. 
  • 1 new icon has been added to the game. 
  • Misao’s hairjob scene was expanded (4 pics). It now fits the game’s ratio. 

Art Update: 

  • The sliding doors from the 1st floor don’t have the wooden bar appearing in the middle of the animation when you open them. Now it’s constantly there.  
  • one click to move 
  • one long press to speed 
  • up two finger press to open menu, drop your right 
  • thumb and then drop your left without raising your 
  • right thumb and same was to cancel or exit main menu 
  • when the door is facing down click the top of the door
How To Download

  1. Simply click on this link.
  2. Link will land you on a page. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Here you can see a CAPTCHA box. Fill it and press ‘click here to continue’.
  4. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and here now you can see timer. Let timer complete.
  5. And press ‘Get Link’ and press back or close the tab. Hurray! Now you can download the game

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