Staying With Aunt Katie APK v1.05 Android Port Adult Game Download

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Staying With Aunt Katie APK Android Port Adult Game Download
Staying With Aunt Katie APK v0.19.2 Android

Here’s the intro for Staying with aunty Katie. I can’t stress enough that this is often simply the intro — thus counting on your reading speed can most likely be over in 5 minutes about. It stops right before wherever I arrange on golf stroke the tutorial.
A couple of alternative things concerning this:
The game uses regular maps for currently however I arrange on eventually shift over to however habitation is, with a picture representing every area and tags to click on. Needing roughly four pictures for every area (daytime, daytime with Katie in it, nighttime, and nighttime with Katie in it) is time overwhelming thanks to having to render them. Hopefully, by the time I transfer the primary real version of the sport, they’ll be done.
In the last image, Katie’s gown has some noticeable clipping problems. I’ll eventually re-do it in hopes of fixing those issues however it isn’t a high priority. In those last 2 room pictures you’ll most likely notice they’re a lot of sandy than the others. for a few reason scenes within the room area unit very significant renders — the opposite pictures took perhaps half-hour to end fully at 100% however those 2 didn’t even get to five hundredth when Associate in Nursing hour of rendering. I’m estimation it’s thanks to the a lot of advanced lighting and shadows however I’m still performing on recouping at scene optimizations therefore I’m not entirely certain.

Release Date: 2019/05/14
Developer: Sid Valentine
Censored: No
Version: 1 .05
OS: Windows,Android,Mac
Language: English
Other game: Cohabitation

●Once you’ve see the original you can do the repeat version by clicking on Chris’ bed during the Afternoon period and selecting it.
●Once you’ve seen the original you can do the repeat version by visiting Katie in her room at Midnight, clicking on her, and selecting it.
 ●Once you’ve seen the original then when Katie’s in the kitchen during the morning, choose to grope her and during the event you’ll get the choice to either continuing
●Changed the text size to 32. I tried to find a plugin that’d allow the player to change the text size either in-game or via an external .ini file but couldn’t find anything. So, if it’s still too small then tell me so down below and I’ll up it even more. I ran through a few events with the next text size and they seem to work but it might still have broken something somewhere, so if anyone notices any problems with it just report them below and I’ll try to fix them.
Went back through some of the old events and added a message telling the player about the various stat changes caused by the event.

 1. Simply click on this link.
 2. Link will land you on a page. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.
3. Here you can see a CAPTCHA box. Fill it and press ‘click here to continue’.
4. Then quickly press back or close the recently tab and go previous tab.
 5. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and here now you can see timer.
6. Let timer complete. And press ‘Get Link’ and press back or close the tab.
7. Hurray! Now you can download the game

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