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The Queen Who Adopted A Goblin

In The Queen: Who Adopted A Goblin, In the Middle of the Spring, The Kingdom of Golden Kine just won a great battle against a great horde of Goblins, And thus, The king proudly. surveyed the aftermath of the battlefield with his beloved Queen to boast his achievement. However, within one of the destroyed catapults there, they find a lone goblin survivor In which the Queen took interest to and decided to Adopt it, To Discover and Learn how Humans and Goblins could peacefully co-exist. Thus her “discovery” begins, where as her Son will be the witness..​


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Release Date2020-12-06
Size320MB, 150MB
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Genre2dcg, adventure, Fantasy, Milf, Big ass, Big tits, Monster, NTR, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Animated, vaginal sex, Creampie, Voyeurism, Oral sex, Titfuck, Multiple endings, Multiple protagonist

The Queen: Who Adopted A Goblin v1.0

16 CG Sets / 7 Animated Sets / 90+ images total
Dual POV Story Re-telling

The Queen: Who Adopted A Goblin’s Developer Note:-

Where’s the CG-Comic version? Will it have a different story?

still ongoing but should be also available within this Month. and No. it’s the same story but in a CG-Comic format.

New project already? Why not focus on Adelaide?
This project was already half-way done many moons ago, but I decided to complete it once and for all to de-clutter my working schedule and just focus on Adelaide alone. Which comparatively requires a greater amount of work compared to the other titles I’ve made before.

Will this have content update?
Nope. This project is complete and as is.

Why did you made a CG-Comic Version too? Why not just one?
Apparently, There are some people who doesn’t have the free time or proper device to explore the visual novel medium and while I do think the project is more suitable to the Visual Novel form, I personally think I still struggle to draw a proper Manga,( And i’m definitely working on that. ) and with this shortcoming of mine, I’d like to be able to provide a somewhat similar content to those people, especially to the ones who directly supports my projects financially.

Will this two-version (VN/CG-comic) medium applicable on all upcoming projects?
Unfortunately, No. This will only be limited to the projects that I think have a reasonable length to produce a Comic-form, As time is not a luxury of mine. Most of the time, mediums such as Short-comics will only stay as Comics, and VN’s will only stay as VN’s. I still consider both as separate mediums.

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