The Tyrant APK v0.9.1 Adult Android VisualNovel Game Download

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The Tyrant APK Adult Android VisualNovel Game Download
The Tyrant APK

The Tyrant APK Android Port – The game will about the son (player) who returns from his year as an exchange student. It was his last year of school and he comes home to find a job. When he comes home he notices that some things have changed, badly. At home lives his mother, his step-dad and his two sisters (one younger, one older). Family accepted him as a real dad. What has changed and why it “could be bad” will be revealed in the demo of the game.

(No spoilers here)! Some can say, oh no, the standard congress mother/son, brother/sister game. however during this game it’ll be the players selection on what content seems. if he desires to start out a romance with a friend, get a “normal” girlfriend and then on. He’ll get to settle on that method he desires to try to to that, begin a mild story, be Associate in Nursing WHO takes what he desires them to earn cash (example). The player will decide everything, for example: whether or not to own a secret relationship with mater, a mild romance with a girlfriend whereas forcing his sister into a relationship with an admirer, WHO pays him for this. Or leave the relations alone and have many girlfriends instead. So the player can decide everything within the game, what he desires to try to to and the way he desires to play. sort of a chemical analysis machine. however this game can have a dark background setting and there’s perpetually rivals, that look to “steal” your girls; and also the tyrant himself as named within the title. It’ll even be tougher to archive your goals and there’ll be some ways to urge there. most content are evitable .


Release Date 2019-08-07
Size 555MB
Developer Sadddoggames
Censorship No
Version 0.9.1
OS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language English
  • I still have some major problems with the game changings I want to make. But with this stress sitiuation I can‘t fix it now. 
  • So the system is still the old in version 0.5. (about relationship, see last post) 
  • Also it isn‘t proofreaded now, that‘ll be patched in later.  
Changelog 0.5: 
  • the event with Alexis and Irina. To trigger it you need a good relationship with Alexis and Irina and need to show Alexis 4 times. Then go with Alexis again in your room to show her  (second part of the homework event) and the event will trigger. 
  • the basement introduction event for Cassandra (love and paths). At the is something new, when you had her other events before (date+fitness studio). You need to be a gang member and then meet her in the kitchen at 9am. Also you must have played the kitchen event some times again. (the 3rd times should trigger) 
  • the event in the parentsroom (8pm) with Nicole is extened. You need to be a gang member for the corruption stuff, for love you need 30 love points.
  • for Cassandra‘s basement event you need to do the normal event before. It‘s set at 4pm in the basement. 
  • the 2am kitchen is back. I changed it a bit, also some images. To trigger it just get Nicoles relationship low and go to sleep.  
  • There are now several animations in the game, mostly as part of existing events, so you can repeat them to see the animations. A list where in which events you can find the animations: 
  • Nicole‘s basement event ( both outfits) 
  • Nicole‘s date 
  • Nicole livingroom (10pm) 
  • Nicole shower (love 3pm) 
  • Cassandra fitness studio (love 4pm) 
  • Cassandra fitness studio (4pm)
  • 1 new event for alexis 
  • 1 new event for cassandra 
  • 1 new love event for cassandra 
  • 1 new ntr event for alexis 
  • new clothing system for nicole 
  • added new daily interactions  
  • the love options for Irina’s date 
  • the second date between Alexis and Irina (with NTR also, but only for the NTR path of course), Note: the event before in the players room must be done again, I forgot to set a trigger. 
  • a new animation
  • adding a option to name your saves 
  • set the frames to transparent, so there’s no background on the text anymore (more to see from the images) 
  • the messenger, which you can use to find events or go on dates and receive messages 
  • adding some images, for giving gifts were some missing 
  • fixing some bugs (not all, others will be done with the script-patch) The messenger itself need some polishing (also script-patch), but it’s working for the planned things. And there’re some changes, you’ll get a invitation through the messenger for the following events: 
  • Dates with Irina – The new date 
  • The NTR date between Davide and Alexis at the secret place (weekend) 
  • The NTR subway event with Nicole (weekend)
Also you’ll receive some messages from Nicole, (love path) and you can reply to them. But you can only reply to the latest message, so if you want to get the chance to reply to all of them you can start a new game or cheat the points lower. She can also send you images. NTR-player have to wait for the patch, then I’ll activate there options.
All messages you receive happens to a certain time and maybe a certain day (Irina dates and NTR-stuff), so you need to play maybe a few days until you get a message.

 Watch Gameplay Of This Game

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