Uncontrollable Lust APK v0.5 Android Adult Game Download

uncontrolable lust
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Uncontrollable Lust APK Android Adult Game Download

Uncontrollable Lust APK v0.2.1 Android Adult Game Download

As you realize your increasing power, will you claim all the women? Or keep on leading an ordinary life as you have been?

You grew up in a strict family household. Fall in love with a girl from your university, but due to your strict father, your love was not successful. As you got older, you changed many jobs from best to shady, changed many places, meeting different people.

Then your father called you back to get married and settle down. Now you are married and living in a different city then your parents, after finishing studies your older sister came to live with you. Ever since your childhood, you always felt that something is different about you, but you never realized it. Then after certain events took place, you started to notice. You will meet many people, even your love.

Now it’s up to you how well you adapt your new life to these new changes that are happening to you.


Release Date 2019-10-17
Size 860MB
Developer Funny Desires
Censorship No
Version 0.5
OS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language English
100+ Renders – v0.2 (To see all the new renders,
Start a New Game.)
Total = 324
2300+ Dialogue words – v0.2
Total Dialogue words = 5500+
(Start a New Game to see New & Changed.)
Added some Sounds in – Intro + v0.2
485+ Code Lines – v0.2
Total Code Lines = 1585+
 (Start a New Game to see New & Changed.)

Bug fix v 0.2.5:
278 Total New Renders:
(Changed some renders in the intro part of the game.) Animation:
New and Changed old 1600+ Dialogue words

Added sex sounds and little bits of music. Total Code Lines = 2850+ (Start a New Game to see New & Changed.)
If you have a problem reading the text in the dialogues, then delete *y_outline.rpy* & *y_outline.rpyc* in the “game” folder. v 0.3 281 New Renders. 9 New Animations. 5700+ Dialogue words. 2200+ Code Lines


  • 145 New Renders. 
  • 16 New Animations. 
  • 2200+ Dialogue words. 
  • 1400+ Code Lines Some Changes in the old version of the game.

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