Unleashed APK v0.4.1 Android Port Adult Game Download

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Unleashed APK Android Port Adult Game Download

Unleashed is a slice-of-life Visual Novel designed to play around with your expectations. To do that it begins in the stereotypical way that many VN’s begin. You might see hints throughout that allude to things being a little different.

You, the male main character, are on your way to your first year in college. An early fire at the dorms has left the student body scrambling to find alternative housing. Luckily, your father is old friends with a local mother and her two daughters, and she was kind enough to offer you a room.


Release Date 2019-08-19
Size 396MB
Developer CarbonBlue
Censorship No
Version 0.4.1
OS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language English

First Release

  • Around 150 renders


  • 0.2 is around 250 renders. 
  • Fixed weird code aberrations that caused the name change and peeking on Shannon errors. 
  • Removed single choice options from 0.1. 
  • Renders are now saved at 95% quality. This reduces file size by a large amount and the quality difference shouldn’t be noticeable. If it is noticeable let me know and I’ll release a lossless version, but keep in mind the file size is going to get big quickly. 
  • Changed the font for names. 
  • Made the font smaller. 
  • Fixed a cosmetic error with Angel’s body. 
  • Adjusted Angel’s body. Now with 68% better. 
  • Decreased goofiness of Olivia’s face in the parking garage hug. 
  • Added several variables 
  • these are behind-the-scene bits of code that allow your choices to be remembered, like character honesty. HOWEVER, I have to warn you to not worry too much about these. Remember that this game is different. Min/maxing your stats isn’t going to do you any good. 
  • Because of the new variables you need to start over from the beginning. I apologize for the inconvenience.

 Watch Gameplay Of This Game

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